Elle Friedle is a writer and artist currently based in savannah georgia.  

Who Snubbed Jackson Pollock for SCAD District

The premise is simple.  Take an artist, any artist, who is embraced and celebrated by curators but often snubbed by:

  • self appointed art critics, usually conservative in taste
  • people who enjoy saying 'I could have done that' in museums
  • people who enjoy using the word 'overrated'
  • the type of art student who thinks their favorite tattoo artist is better than Rothko
  • and sometimes me before I realize the error of my ways and come to Jesus, etc.

Then I explain why this artist is worth looking at (in 800 words or less.)  

The website has multiple formatting errors and keeps turning my em dashes to hyphens.  I nagged them to fix it, but you can only nag so many times before giving up.  

Jackson Pollock 

"Pollock is a hack, my dad used to say, before he saw one in person at The Art Institute of Chicago: 'Greyed Rainbow,' 1953."

Robert Rauschenberg

"I have no proof he buried time capsules as a child, but I believe it."

Alexander Calder 

"Several years before I visited the Whitney, I read an article in Time Magazine on civilian and military drones. Its author compared the “humble” Roomba to a drone, and argued robotics would inevitably lead to the air, where machines move freely. Some have blamed Calder’s mobiles for steering art away from engineering; his sculptures depended on motors before he hung and set them at the mercy of air currents and human intervention. But the future vindicated what Calder saw back in 1930."   


‘For the Love of God’ is the world’s most expensive memento mori

For June 5&6, 1832